mutantsoundzheadernew.jpgMutated Soundz for a Mutated Generation!

Founded in 2010 by turntablist DJ Kickadelic and Drum‘n’Bass artist Opus X as an subsidiary of the now defunct veteran electronic music label, Trip Marks The Hop, Mutant Soundz specializes in Drum‘n’Bass, Dubstep, Trap, and Bass music releases.

Unlike many “independent” record labels who claim to be open to “unsigned acts” and “independent artists,” Mutant Soundz does not have any stringent or rigid rules pertaining to demo submissions. Although we mainly release Drum‘n’Bass, Dubstep, Trap, and Bass music, as long as the music is an original composition we will give it a listen. The genre doesn’t matter, and yes, we listen to every submission we receive! If you are simply looking for feedback, just specify so, and we will get back to you posthaste.


About DJ Kickadelic
(Bringing the motherfucking ruckus!)


DJ Kickadelic

DJ Kickadelic is one of the founding members of Urban Dubstep Guerillas, a US based dubstep/deathstep music outfit and DJ collective/producer group hailing from Royal Oak, Michigan. A hardstyle DJ in his own right, Kickadelic got his start in early 2000 after impressing members of the now legendary Q3S (QuadRa Sonix Sound System) with his unorthodox polyrhythmic mixing style.

In 2007, Kickadelic joined the then fledgling TraXXatronics entourage, and it was shortly thereafter that he wrote and produced his first hardstyle track, “Mass Suicide.” The song quickly became a club favorite, and drew the attention of then Mutant Soundz A&R executive, Damokles Stephanos, which opened the door to collaborating with several big name electronic music producers.

Kickadelic is currently in the studio working on the upcoming Urban Dubstep Guerillas release.


About Opus X
(175 beats per minute and counting!)


Opus X

Born and reared in the once dominant music metropolis of Detroit, Michigan — home of the Motown sound, a young Opus X had little trouble finding partners in rhythm and rhyme while growing up.

In the late 1990’s Opus X became increasing fascinated with electronic music. However it wouldn’t be until 2006 that he would actually begin composing and producing any material. A year later he released his first single, “Manic Ascension,” which quickly became a Drum’n’Bass club favorite.

To date Opus X has three CD releases under his belt, and has been credited with playing a major role in the evolution of modern Drum’n’Bass music, particularly in the States.


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