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Urban Dubstep Guerillas – “Greatest Hits And Then Some…”iTunes PDF Booklet - Cover

Urban Dubstep Guerillas (UDG) is a five man U.S. based dubstep outfit consisting of four mainstay DJs (Kickadelic, Trip Hopolis, Kheprakorn, and Salmagundi), and veteran electronic music producer Draulix.

Formed by DJ Kickadelic in early 2011, UDG has taken the dubstep world by storm releasing a string of club favorites and chart topping singles including, “Heavy Artillery,” “Drop Zone,” and “10-9-8-7.”

This “Greatest Hits And The Some” compilation consists of releases spanning a two year period from the fall of 2011 until the spring of 2013 when UDG was at the height of their worldwide dubstep assault, and were without question one of the most innovative, prolific, raw and uncut “take no prisoners” dubstep entourage on the scene.

This retrospective also includes two previously unreleased tracks as well as five never before heard VIP remixes.

UDG — “Bringing the motherf***ing ruckus!”


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